Contraccounts What is Contraccounts?

Contraccounts is a simple yet powerful Business Management System specifically aimed at self employed professionals and sole traders, as we believe that once you start dealing with the accounting jargon and difficulties involved with Limited Companies, the simplicity of an accounting package is taken away, hence this is usuallyleft to an accountant. Our main aim to is provide self employed professionals and sole traders from all corners of the world with an online accounting software package that can calculate all of the important figures such as VAT/Sales Tax, Income Tax (multiple tax bands supported) and National Contributions. The most important element of Contraccounts is that the entire system has excellent usability as its primary feature.

Contraccounts will handle, organise and summarise your finances and is diverse in as it is customisable to your requirements. The Online Accounting Software will handle the figures with ease. Have the ability to view and print detailed quarterly and monthly summaries in seconds, all your data is archived for each tax year, providing you with effortless organisation of financial accounts. All figures for Income Tax and VAT (if applicable) due are given to you directly from a summary and you are able to visit the Archive for your tax return at the end of the year. Need to know where you stand in terms of tax bands? No problem, Contraccounts displays if you are eligible to pay tax and the current band/bracket of tax in which you stand, leaving you with total peace of mind while running your business.

Online Accounting Software packages are very popular in this day and age, however Contraccounts stands out from the crowd as its the only Online Accounting Software with a fully functional API that allows e-commerce website owners and eBay powersellers to integrate on-the-fly bookkeeping capabilities into their existing systems.

Accounting Only Online Accounting Software?

Not only is this an "advanced calculator", it can also take care of invoice management too, where you can create and keep track of unpaid and paid invoices as well as printing hard copies to marking invoices as "Paid" that have been paid outside of Contraccounts' online invoice payment system. The invoicing system works beside the Online Accounting Software and therefore carries out a process of automated finance management.
For internet based ecommerce applications, this is a powerful bolt on addition to your payment system as this Online Accounting and Invoicing software has not one, but three API's, all of which will suit a broad range of online business owners. The Paypal API is easy to integrate simply by copying and pasting a link into your Paypal settings. For example an eBay powerseller could make use of the eBay/Paypal API, and even if he/she received a thousand payments a day, not a minutes worth of bookkeeping would be required, as its an automated process.

The developers API is aimed at ecommerce specialists. For example, once integrated, it will allow an e-shop/store to pass through and exchage variables through to your Online Accounting and Invoicing software from your website after a payment has been processed and can automatically create an income, invoice, expense and can even email the invoice to the customer upon creation. The API uses this Online Accounting Software to its full potential (read documentation here for full details) and provides you with fully automated bookkeeping. The aim regarding the API, is to make it possible for you to actually watch the payments come in, and not press a button in terms of Bookkeeping, Tax Calculation and Invoicing.

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Contraccounts Cost Contraccounts Is Free?

Contraccounts costs absolutely nothing, we generate revenue from advertising. Not only is Contraccounts free, new features are added every month. We have put an account setup wizard in place, allowing you to get started in minutes. Join Contraccounts here.
Already well into the Tax Year? Not to worry, the system supports the input of previous payments and expenses, you could for example enter all of your financial records from 2 years ago with no problems and the system would organise, accordingly calculate the values and store the data which in turn can be accessed via the Archive.

Worldwide Is the Accounting Software compatible worldwide?

We are constantly adding new bands and rates for different countries to eventually enable the Contraccounts Online Accounting Software to become available in every country worldwide. A Contraccount mainly supports the USA brackets and the United Kingdom's Tax Bands all of which are overridable. VAT/Sales Tax rates and even National Insurance are also variable (All manually set as a percentage) and therefore all changes with the Tax system (e.g. VAT) can be instantly applied to the Contraccounts Online Accounting Software. Your account includes advanced settings enabling you to set the:

  • Currency.
  • Taxation Values.
  • Value Added Tax Rates/Sales Tax Rates.
  • National Insurance Values.

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